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What's Tempting About Nursing Salary?
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Publish-date-icon August 14, 2012
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Apart from the basic pay and overtime, other nursing salary packages include the benefits, allowances or bonus pays depending on the discretion of the hospital management. Medical institutions are periodically reviewing the standard bases of rates for nurses so as to compensate the increasing need for their skills and to ensure that they are being paid with a just remuneration that will make them inspired and continue serving their duties.
An RN to BSN program is a transition or bridge program designed to help registered nurses obtain Bachelor of Science degrees. This program includes a uniquely designed curriculum for nursing students who graduated from hospital schools, community colleges and are licensed nurses. An RN to BSN program is offered by various universities in a very flexible and partially online format. This program is not primarily online, though. The beauty of this program is that it can be completed in just 2 semesters. The schedule of classes for this program is also made flexible to let the nursing students maintain employment while they are still completing the program.

The worst case that have ever been reported regarding the nurses' sentiment of their pay is that some were even asked to pay for their internship, on-the-job training or probationary period of stay in a hospital, in exchange for the experience and the exposure in the hospital practices. What's sad is that, after how many months of looking for a hospital to work for, they'll end up in such kind of institutions that take advantage of their need.
So, for those nurses who have families and who are busy juggling their career and work, it is best if you will consider getting an online degree. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home in order to attend your classes; this is because all lectures and reading materials can be easily accessed with the use of your mobile device and internet. The only requirement of studying online is a fast internet connection and a mobile device.
Apart from that, the forensic nursing schools will also prepare students the ability to deal with extreme human endeavors. Speaking of this, it is apparent that these nurses should be well-equipped with a cool emotion even under enormous pressure. They should be able to bear with the victims' extreme emotions yet grabbing opportunities to gather information from them. They should also be trained to work with other health care professionals in the emergency room when victims of violent crimes are delivered to receive treatment. While giving tolerance to other ER staffs to perform their duties, they will slowly devote time to examine the patients and understanding their problems.
A licensed practical nurse has the average starting hourly rate of up to $18. It should be noted that the licensed practical nurses are different from the registered nurses and thus, have different earning standards.
The demand for licensed BSN nurses is definitely on the rise. With time and also due to emerging complexities in HealthCare, many claim a BSN will be the minimum requirement for a nursing career. Clinical information is also rapidly increasing thus nurses will have to be better prepared to provide and devise health systems, to make better decisions besides aiding individuals chose the best health resources and adopt healthy lifestyles.
Career AdvancementThe Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2020, 80% of nurses will hold Bachelor's degrees, and in order to move into higher positions of nursing, a BSN degree is necessary.

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